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Strange encounter with a student today. I’m the TA for one of his courses this quarter, and he came in and to discuss some points he’d lost on the first homework. As he’s flipping to the relevant page in the assignment, he says, “The TA marked this question wrong, but I think he missed how I defined this variable.”

Keep in mind that I stood up to be introduced the first day of class, I attend every lecture, and I am the one to collect and return all of the homework. I’m listed on the website (from which he must have obtained my email address) as the TA. And yet, here he was, sitting at my desk, discussing the homework with me, and somehow he hadn’t connected that I was the person who’d annotated his assignment with red ink.

I’m curious what exactly he thought my job was.  Or why, for that matter, I’d be able to help him (assuming the real TA was some fellow working behind-the-scenes).