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It seems that I have difficulty making appointments for regular check-ups. Barring some compelling motivation, I just don’t schedule them. I haven’t seen a dentist since I broke a tooth a year-and-half ago, and I haven’t been to an optometrist in almost three years.

Last week I lost a contact lens, and realized too late that I was completely out of replacements. Since I don’t have glasses as a back-up (a failure I must soon remedy), I spent the last week alternating between headache-inducing partial vision and complete myopia. This morning, I was finally able to get in for a vision check-up and contact exam.

Turns out that the myopia in my left eye worsened substantially. Twice she double checked, even after I had inserted the new trial pair of contacts:

“Is this better? Or this? Number one? Or number two?”

“Number one. Definitely.”


In my right eye, my myopia was unchanged, but a previously uncorrectable astigmatism (so minor they just don’t make contacts for it) had worsened enough to warrant specialized contacts. When she demonstrated the difference with and without correction for the astigmatism, I was astounded. How long had I been walking around with such smear-y vision?

Needless to say, I am now enjoying the High-Definition, Technicolor world of new contacts. Maybe I should make these trips to the ophthalmologist an annual thing.

But regular dental appointments? I’m afraid that’s still going to take some convincing.


First entries are always so stilted and awkward. And self-referential. I see no reason to break the mold.

Here it is. Hello world.